Learn from the Past

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Final Announcement

Hi guys!
I'm sorry that I could no longer update the notes as I'm studying overseas now and I do not have the textbook with me (and the assignment workload is killing me). I really do not have any free time to take care of the blog.

I know what PMR and SPM meant to all of you as I have been through the process as well. It's totally fine that you guys take both the exams seriously, I'm very pleased actually. However, if you couldn't get an A or couldn't do well or even fail the test (ok lar try not fail, at least get a D), there is no big deal. Do not give up, life goes on.

Once again, I'm terribly sorry for being irresponsible, and finally, all the best in your studies.

Yan Rou


  1. haha , kinda sad... this blog is really helpful, by the way , having fun enjoy your life, good luck to you XDD

  2. Thanks for all the help :) hope you're still doing fine 真的很感谢因为找到这个bolg. 谢谢你 <3 哈哈